The Living Room Laboratory

The Gate Project

Initiated December 2021


Indy, USA

A Generous Kingdom: The Use of Art & Science to Inspire The Next Generation of Gatekeepers. This is a pilot project to be donated to a park in Indianapolis. The intent is to create a gate project in cities across the United States.  If we can encourage people to become inspired by their unique biodiversity that makes their cities beautiful then we can inspire the WHY... Protecting our natural lands and animals moves us forward toward a more sustainable future. Walking through a transitional space, seeing, feeling the plants and animals that create this diversity unique to each city is only the beginning. It's believing in what we cannot see. That is the gorgeous network of mycelium running underground throughout the entire world. This intelligent material holds our world together. If we do our part as gatekeepers we can continue serving humanity as stewards of the natural world.  I would like to begin with Indianapolis because Indiana is the crossroads of America.