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DIY botanical Art Making Kit for youth

This year give the gift of botanical painting.

Each Gift Bag includes:

  • (2) Stickers, (2) handheld magnifying glasses
  • (2) Paint brushes 
  • Two glass tubes with foraged, curated and grown materials to be used as applied materials in your painting. Inside the jar:  mycelium that is done growing, preserved mushrooms, flowers, seashell, preserved moss, wood chips (every jar is different but these are the main items in each botanical kit.)
  • The botanical recipe: Avocado Seed Red
  • The recipe: step by step instructions on how to process avocado seeds into lush reds and pinks. 
  • The YouTube link to the 'How-To-Video' on how to process avocado seeds into a variety of red and pink values.
  • No experience necessary
  • Each bag holds all the materials you will need to jump in and get started making sustainable art.



Price of the purchase does not include watercolor paper, clay or water needed to complete each piece. (These are suggested materials.)


Sales outside of the U.S. are subject to international taxes and transfer fees.

Image is from my youth workshop at The FAR Center for Contemporary Arts, 2023.

Youth DIY botanical Art Making Kit

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