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Approximately 692 pounds of carbon dioxide is about average for a household of one person over a year. The estimates of each painting have been calculated by using the Personal GHG Calculator and should be considered estimates.

Gallery Climate Coalition created the emission's calculator for the art-world.  

A purchase of my work offsets your GHG (Green House Gases) or carbon footprint by 15%. In addition, each painting includes a $25.00 donation in your name to a selected environmental or animal well-fair organization.

I do take commissions and work on special projects. I enjoy public speaking, I love sharing my process in workshops and processing botanical materials into the most beautiful palettes. Purchasing my work means you support clean air, and the research and support of environmental organizations working towards solutions to our changing climates. 

My mission as an artist is to use healthier materials for a healthier world. And if house plants reduces Co2 then one of my paintings can be considered the size of a small house plant. 

Experiencing eco-grief as described in Jane Goodall's book Hope? Purchase a T6DH painting or sculpture and know with each purchase you are actively off-setting your carbon foot print, supporting an environmental organizations and an eco artist.  

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