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sustainable art & news inspired by the earth


University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Germany,

Captcha Design Festival, Mannheim, Germany, 2023

September 5-9, 2023

Initially invited to host a workshop, I made a video of my process to share with their students since I was unable to attend due to other commitments. The video will be shared at the Captcha Design Festival September 5th, 2023.


Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, TN
September 4 - December 16, 2023

The Gatekeepers project will be in a group exhibition titled Degrees of Commitment: Climate, Ecosystems, and Society in the Sandra J. Blain Gallery located at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts from September 4 - December 16, 2023. The video shares a visual illustration of mycelium as a medium. Mycelium is found under foot and in forests.  It is the super highway to getting information and nutrition to trees, flora and fauna, and other symbiotic relationships. It is the same substrate that fruits mushrooms. 


Amanda Gorman

Black y Brown Arts Festival, September 1, 2023

Hosted by the City of Bloomington, Indiana: The Black y Brown Arts Festival will showcase a variety of local artists of diverse heritage. The Fourth Annual Bloomington Black y Brown Arts Festival (BBBAF) takes place Saturday, September 10, at Switchyard Park Pavilion. The festival is supported by the City of Bloomington’s Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs and Safe and Civil City Program, part of the community of family resources department, along with the Bloomington Arts Commission and City Department of Economic and Sustainable Development and Parks and Recreation. This is a free event and includes a visual arts exhibition in the pavilion and the 4th Street Garage. This is the last painting I created in my former style using oils, collage, and resin. This portrait of Amanda Gorman is titled "The Hill We Climb", it will be on view at the 4th Street Garage, September 1st - 30th. 

painting: Amanda Gorman: 5ft. x 4.5ft. x 2.5in, oils, collage and resin on gallery stretched canvas, framed. 3/2021.


UCLA, NADC Award, June 8, 2023
The National Arts and Disability Center 
NADC Individual Artist Achievement Award

I am honored to inform you that I have been selected as one of the recipients of an NADC Artist Achievement Award. This award is being given in recognition of artists who provide heightened visibility to the accomplishments of artists with disabilities. 


Podcast Interview with Re - Flect / Calibrate, Saturday, September 24, 2023

This dynamic podcast discussion is with professional artivists (an artist + an activist) in the midst of the creative process. Learn how they determine targets, tactics, and principles; how they deal with surprise roadblocks, criticism and burnout; how their visions are ever evolving, and how to creatively transform society. For me, my message is in the materials I use to create sustainable works of art. 

Hollow Earth


Academy Center of Art, Virgina
2 day workshop, November 4th & 5th

The 2 day workshop will explore botanical color palettes and mycelium as a medium. To learn more about this workshop hosted by the Academy Center of Arts in Virginia, visit the workshop website here. Registration is now open. I look forward to sharing my process and practices. 

Academy Center of Art Virginia.JPG


Palo Alto City Library, Super Bloom, 2024

The body of work brings awareness to the delicacy and vulnerability of Earth's pollinators. This painting  was made with Spanish saffron,  blueberries, mycelium, clay, dried flowers, gold leaf, and water jewels on watercolor paper made from post-consumer waste. Pollinators is a body of work made from foraged fruits and flowers and  will exhibit with the Palo Alto City Library, California,

July 1 -31, 2024. 

Blooming Earth
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