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Sustainable Art & News inspired by Earth

Bloomington Early Music

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Gustavia Longifolia: 12x12x2in., framed. 2023.

Color recipe: Yellow and white ink, processed color: avocado, blueberry and wild raspberry on watercolor paper made from post consumer packaging.


Critically Endangered: The native range of this species is W. South America to N. Brazil (Amazon). It is a tree and grows primarily in the wet tropical biome. It is used as a medicine and for fuel and food. Gustavia longifolia is a species of tree in the family Lecythidaceae. The flower of the tree was given the name after King Gustav III. of Sweden.

The painting has been donated to the fundraiser on behalf of the Bloomington Early Music, hosted by The FAR.

Gustavia Longifolia

Super Bloom
Hamilton Public Library:
"The 700's" February 24 - April 26th

3 pieces will be on view in a group exhibit opening February, 24th

The body of work brings awareness to the delicacy and vulnerability of Earth's pollinators. This painting  was made with blueberries, Spanish saffron, pokeberry and white ink on watercolor paper made from post-consumer waste. Pollinators is a body of work made from foraged materials, fruits and flowers and is ultimately an experimental body of wok highlighting Earths botanical palette. 

Blooming Earth, 2024

I will create 24 new botanical paintings for a solo exhibition with the Hamilton County Public Library East. This exhibition will be on view in the front window gallery of the library. I will also host a workshop with the library. Dates TBA. I am grateful to the library for celebrating artists with disabilities as well as artists of various ethnic origins.

Image: Angel Amber Kiss Pansy, 12x12x2in., The color recipe: processed avocado, coffee, red cabbage, and green ink on recycled watercolor paper. 3/23. $200.00

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Hamilton Public Library,

East, Indiana 2024

Each workshop will open registration two weeks before the class.  Workshops are hosted by the Hamilton Public Library, East, ignite program. Contact: 

Kris Hurst, Arts Engagement Coordinator.

Arrowmont School
of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN

Read the interview here, 1/24/24.

Gatekeepers exhibited in a group exhibition titled Degrees of Commitment: Climate, Ecosystems, and Society in the Sandra J. Blain Gallery located at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts from September 4 - December 16, 2023. The Gatekeepers is now a part of their outdoor collection. The sculpture is meant to decompose and pictures will be posted here throughout the year. The images will be of the Gatekeepers project on the grounds of Arrowmont or possibly being worn as a necklace by on-site bears. 

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