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T6DH Workshops

Learn how to create color from the natural world. Working with

mycelium as a medium and foraging for botanical palettes are at the heart of my workshops. All materials are provided.

I have been an artist for 30 years, but it has only been the past seven years that I have taken the deep dive into sustainability, botanical palettes, and organic recipes. I have been researching mycology and participating in residencies to learn directly from scientists, biologist, mycologists, anthropologists, color practitioners, marine biologists, and a variety of artists and creators who are making changes in the world through their art. In my workshops, you will learn why trees are important to artists in the creation of botanical painting. We will touch on the physics of color and learn how to create color from fall leaves, fruits, flowers, and a variety of other organic materials.  


November 2 10am - 2pm

Ivy Tech Community College, "The Future of Color" a workshop hosted by Artists for Climate Awareness:

This is a 4 hour workshop. The Future of Color workshop begins with an immersive, CGI exploration of the Lascaux Caves in France. In this workshop, I share my process and practices which are informed by the Middle Ages and the practices of scribes, who worked on illuminated manuscripts. The exploration of the Lascaux cave paintings will lead us into the discussion on the use of materials and history of earth pigments. We will take a deeper look at tannins and mordants, specifically natural mordants and tannin-rich mordants. A mordant is a metallic salt. Some natural dyes, including black walnuts, onion skins, tea or turmeric, are called substantive. This means they don’t require a mordant to bind with fibers. This is the safer, healthier way of processing your color palettes. My research with the Lilly Library at Indiana University manifests my work inspired by the natural world and acts as a catalyst to inspire a greener, more sustainable world. In my workshop, we will examine wall paintings from 19,000 years ago, participate in a discussion on how the two time periods differ, and explore those similar palettes by processing botanical palettes using earth pigments, fruits, and flowers and develop our own botanical records of the natural world.


A link will be made available when registration is open. 

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Adult Workshop I. Saturday, August 24

Hamilton Public Library East, "Adult Botanical Workshop": This is a 2 hour workshop and we will be processing avocado into a dye together at the Ignite Studio on Saturday, August 24th. A link with the time will be made available when registration is open. 


Adult Workshop: 
Workshop: Saturday, September 7 at 6pm UK time (2 hours)

To register for these online classes visit:

Workshop description:


Making botanical painting palettes with avocado, blueberries & pomegranate. Students in this virtual workshop will learn to create their own botanical palettes and understand the colours that can be created in these processes. By the end of the lesson, students will know which natural materials they need to create a lightfast botanical palette, be able to list 3 organic tannins used in dyes, understand the difference between a tannin and a mordant and have insight on how to develop a botanical palette and to paint a lightfast watercolor.

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Birds In Our Backyard, Youth Workshop: July 8, 2023. The FAR Center for Contemporary Art, Bloomington, IN
Bio Art: Foraged Materials and Botanical Palettes: Bird in Space inspired by Romanian sculptor Brâncuși. Join us
for a day of creating Birds in Space using foraged materials and painted botanical feathers. 

Botanical Palettes, Mycelium as Medium + the Importance of Trees,  April 22, 2023.
The FAR Center for Contemporary Art, Bloomington, IN, 
Bio Art: Earth Day, Adult Workshop: 

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Botanical Palettes, Mycelium as Medium + the Importance of Trees,  January, 29, 2023.
Studio Alchemy Gallery, Indianapolis, 
Bio Art:Adult Workshop

Images from workshops

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