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Image: Mushroom Aquatic IV: 10 x 10 x 1 inch

The color was achieved using raspberries, carrots and mica mineral. The applied materials: mycelium grown into a honeycomb, seashell, moss and a grown oyster mushroom.

T6DH Workshops

Learn how to create color from natural materials, work with

mycelium as a medium, and create unique paintings that are sustainable and non-toxic. 

About the workshop

My mission as an artist is to inspire others to use healthier materials for a healthier world. I have been an artist for 23 years, but it has only been the past few years that I have taken the deep dive into sustainability, botanical palettes, and organic recipes. I have been researching mycology and participating in residencies to learn directly from scientists, biologist, mycologists, anthropologists, color practitioners, marine biologists, and a variety of artists and creators who are making changes in the world through their art. In my workshops, you will learn why trees are important to artists in the creation of botanical painting. You will understand color from nature's perspective and learn how to create color from fall leaves, fruits, flowers, and a variety of other organic materials.  In addition, each class comes with a DIY jar. This jar (pictured to the right) has curated materials inside, including mycelium. We will also learn about the practice of ikebana to provide structure to the practice. 

Materials Recipe Jars DIYII.JPG

INDIANA, July 8, 2023

@TheFAR, Center for Contemporary Art, Bloomington

Youth Workshop (all ages)- FREE

Earth Day Workshop



Bio Art: Foraged Materials and Botanical Palettes: Bird in Space inspired by Romanian sculptor Brâncuși. Join us
for a day of creating Birds in Space using foraged materials and painted botanical feathers. 

Bio Art: Botanical Palettes, Mycelium as Medium + the Importance of Trees

@TheFAR, Center for Contemporary Art, Bloomington

Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 7.16.36 AM.png
This workshop sponsored by NorthSpore 
This workshop was sponsored by Rainbow Bakery, the best vegan bakery in town! 
Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 3.53.30 PM.png

INDIANA, January 29, 2023

 Workshop@ Studio Alchemy Gallery in Indianapolis 

Bio Art: Botanical Palettes, Mycelium as Medium + the Importance of Trees

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