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Painting: Honeycomb, 9x9x1in., framed. 11/21. The color was achieved using raspberries, carrots and mica minerals. The applied materials include: mycelium grown into the shape of a beehive, oyster mushrooms, seashell, preserved moss.

I want to be a part of waking up to climate change in order to champion solutions inspired by the natural world. I am a bio artist who co-creates with botanical and living materials. I process my painting palettes into puddles of color using fruits, flowers, spices, mushrooms, and other organic materials.  I use clay to hold my vessels together and grow mycelium to my watercolor paper.  I curate natural materials into a wish, a dream of floating colors and suspended hues mixed with tree saps. When I host workshops, teach classes, or invite visitors to my studio, I  welcome feedback and insight. My materials are wild and my work is inspired by the intuitive way of the natural world. My goal as an artist is to inspire others to use healthier materials for a healthier world.

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