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The finding of a species of underwater mushroom has inspired this body of work titled: Mushroom Aquatic and will open as a solo exhibition with the Palo Alto City Library on June 1st, 2023. 


"Until recently, conventional wisdom held that gilled mushrooms did not exist underwater. In 2005, a Psathyrella, a new species was discovered in the clear, flowing, pristine waters of the Rogue River near Crater Lake, Oregon. This discovery opens up a new branch of aquatic mycology, and raises many questions. How many other mushroom species grow underwater?" -Mycelium Running 


The painting palette is botanical, made up of fruits, flowers, spices, roots, mushrooms and other organic materials. The use of mycelium is primary in each dimensional painting. The use of mycelium has been either grown to the paper or grown to a seashell before application. Principles found in ikebana inform the layout and design of each piece. Click on the image to learn more about the materials recipe for each piece. 

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Fantastic Fungi
Strawberries and Blueberries


Organic Painting


Interior life of a Mermaid
Tao of Uroboros
Nesting in the Anatomy of a Tree.jpg
Swaddled in the Interior of a tree.jpg
Made with strawberry, cherry, rasberry
Prints for sale

Mycelium as a medium needs soil microbes to break down and will fully compost in 30 days when broken up into small pieces. It will break down in the water in 180 days. If you leave it outside in a solid shape, it will weather and take a few years to break down. It will last indefinitely indoors in stable conditions. These paintings have been "Grown with Ecovative™ Technology".

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