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Step through thousands of years of history and ask yourself what our world looked like before climate change. The Gatekeepers project is developed to inspire the next generation of keepers and rouse in all of us the need for continued stewardship of the natural world. Arches, as a vertical, curved, free-standing structure, have been with us as early as 2000 BC. During the Roman times, these structures were used to commemorate triumphs. In other cultures, these curvilinear paths outline doorways to homes, temples, and sacred spaces.


The Gatekeepers is grown from mycelium. Mycelium is the same substrate that fruits mushrooms and holds our entire planet together at the roots. Mycelium itself is profound. Mycelium as a medium is a climate crisis game changer. The left and right sides of the columns currently stand at 3.5 feet. As of December 22, 2022, approximately 200 lbs. of mycelium have been used to grow the columns of bricks. After growing the columns to 5.5 feet, the final phase of growth will begin with the use of the North Spore sponsorship. The archway will be grown using a sawdust spawn from North Spore which will fruit golden oyster mushrooms which will crown the arch of the gate.

Upon completion the archway is slated to stand at 6 feet at the keystone of the archway with a 4.5 foot width between columns. 


There are approximately 2,000 seashells or 30 lbs. grown into the bricks to illuminate the need for Marine conservation. Water is where we came from and it is what we all need to thrive and survive on planet Earth. Our oceans are in great danger, and they too call for the need of continued conservation. Grown into the sides of each pillar are 15 symbols of bees, moths, honeycombs, and other natural wonders along with 6 keystone species which have been sculptured from clay and foraged botanical materials.  This page will continue to provide updates of images as the Gatekeepers project grows towards completion. 

Press Release

 press release

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The Gatekeepers project is supported by a generous research sponsorship from North Spore.

Phase II.

The Gatekeepers project in its second phase began growing the left and right sides of the columns to 5.5 feet. The process included growing in additional finds from the natural world. The video documents the growth process and how the keystone species are being grown to the sides of each brick. In addition, 6 species made of clay and mycelium have been added to the sculpture. The foraging of mushrooms and sticks have been grown into the mycelium. I enjoy working with the material. Now in its final phase I have secured a sponsorship by North Spore whose mycelium and golden oyster mushrooms will finish the arched gateway.

Phase I.

The Gatekeepers project initiated in 2021. From the layout and design to the start of growing the mycelium into the base of the left and right columns. The mycelium used to grow the gates columns is grown from Ecovative Technology™. To date, there has been 2,400 hours of growth, 200 pounds of mycelium and more than 2,000 seashells from various parts of the world have been grown into the columns.  The mycelium is made from agricultural waste and is a hemp based and unseeded substrate. The living material comes from

Gallery Phase III., 03/08/22: There are currently 84 bricks in each column. Each layer is made up of 4 bricks, there are currently 20 segments of bricks, in total there are now 168 bricks.

Gallery Phase II: 12/22/22

Gallery Phase I.: 02/2/22

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