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Finding Inspiration in Every Petal, Natural Position and graceful shape

found in nature. 

I have paired each painting to an ikebana structure. Ikebana is a historical and dense art form originating in Japan. Masters are often likened to teachers of Buddhism. Ikebana has its roots in Buddhism. Every structure, position, and object holds a meaning. Form, structure, and creation of dimensional space are the goals in how I use ikebana practices in my work. These may differ depending on which school you are from, your teacher, and where you learned ikebana. Every school has its own philosophy. However, one underlying agreement is that ikebana has deep roots in Buddhism.  In Japanese, ike means alive or arrange and bana means flower, so ikebana can be described as illuminating the living beauty in a petal. It is captivating, stories and history woven together by color, smell, positions, and design. It can take a lifetime to learn ikebana. My work is inspired by nature, and ikebana brings my work to life. My practice is my meditation. 

botanical painting
no kenzen
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