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Mushroom Aquatic

Mushroom Aquatic is inspired by the discovery of a species of an underwater gilled mushroom


"Until recently, conventional wisdom held that gilled mushrooms did not exist underwater. In 2005, a Psathyrella, a new species was discovered in the clear, flowing, pristine waters of the Rogue River near Crater Lake, Oregon. This discovery opens up a new branch of aquatic mycology, and raises many questions. How many other mushroom species grow underwater?" -Mycelium Running 


The painting palette are plant based and made up of fruits, flowers, spices, roots, mushrooms and other organic materials. The use of mycelium is primary in each dimensional painting. The use of mycelium has been either grown to the paper or grown to a seashell before application.

Maya Blue
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Mushroom Aquatic Mini.jpg


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Dragonfly Perch.jpg
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