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Materials Recipes & 
DIY Organic Painting

Each jar holds a unique recipe for a painting that we will use to co-create together. I have grown and curated a few of the applied materials found in my paintings. We co-create together when you use these materials to create a painting. Feel free to tag me on Insta with your finished piece. 

URL: A link is provided inside of each DIY jar. It will provide you a step by step on 'how to' create your own bio painting.


                                                         lrg. $25.00

                                                          sm. $15.00

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Myco Stix

These flowers were grown from mycelium. They hold rose quartz and amethyst, which have been grown into them. These garden wands are a way to honor Mother Nature.  They have been painted with

mica mineral making these bio wands 100% organic.

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Myco Stixs
Conchsell grown into mycelium.jpg

Conch shell & Mycelium

Mycelium grown into Conch shell

May 2021

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Size: 9x8 inches

Weight: 1.3kg

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